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Description of project

The focus of the national educational platform is two-fold: firstly, the integrated education of haematology trainees led by national and international experts in the field, and secondly, a fruitful forum for the discussion and implementation of best practice in haematology.

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Goals and Objectives

BLOODSA signed a strategic partnership agreement with SASCeTS and SACHaS. The partnership AIMs to promote and provide a platform for collaboration between public and private sector by promoting and contributing towards the development, supply and maintenance of tools for best practices in haematology across Africa. These tools, include but are not limited to the national educational platform, i.e. Haem Deep Dive and recently added BMT Classroom. Being established in the UCT Haematology Division in 2020, the national educational platform is now managed and facilitated by BLOODSA. Weekly, the national educational platform showcases a truly representative mix of contributions from academic centres in Africa, giving voice to trainees as well as professors, and local as well as superb international experts. The meeting is growing weekly, with attendance well in excess of a hundred attendees

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