About Us

BLOODSA is a comprehensive collaborative Haematology platform.

Research & Registries

Grow a collaborative 'research' platform that will create and promote new understanding of all aspects of haematological diseases, relevant to the needs of Africa.

Quality Management

Through collaboration, establish and maintain a comprehensive ‘quality management framework’ that fosters excellence in haematology patient care as well as educate and train health care workers on quality management principles in haematology, especially stem cell transplantation (HSCT). 

Education & Training

Provide a platform to empower haematology healthcare professionals through comprehensive education and training, unlocking a wealth of knowledge, to enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

Patient Support & Best Care

Build a collaborative platform from which to respond to the needs of haematology patients and their carers to improve their quality of life.

Our Value Proposition

Defining and pursuing clearer objectives

Training to make planning operations more realistic

Optimizing the allocation of resources

Improving the quality
of deliverables

Managing strategic alignment of projects post implementation

Securing a healthier population throughout Africa

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the overall stewardship of the conduct of BLOODSA and the activities of the leadership. Leadership is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the foundation. The Board’s fundamental objectives are to enhance and preserve long-term value, sustainability, and to ensure BLOODSA meets its obligations on an ongoing basis and operates in a compliant and reliable manner. In performing its functions, the Board protect the interests that the stakeholders, employees, health fraternity and collaboration partners may have in BLOODSA.
Director and Chairman


Strategy deployment, day-to-day operations of BLOODSA
performance standards.

Medical Officer and National Training Coordinator

BLOODSA Identity


To establish BLOODSA as a national and internationally acknowledged vehicle advancing quality of care, education and research in Haematology throughout Africa.


Through our growing collaborative network, continuously support stakeholders to set standards and improve pathways, protocols and platforms in Haematology.

  • Pathways includes patient journey, diagnosis, treatment, clinical, etc.
  • Protocols includes operational, clinical and other SOPs
  • Platforms includes educational, training workshops, research, implementation science, registries, quality management, automated business processes, etc.


Quality (ownership, best in class, accountability, integrity, relationships)
Holistic (unified, inclusive, equal access)
Accessible (time, knowledge, resources, best practices)
Equality (access to opportunities for patients and partners)
Measurable Outcomes


To ensure that BLOODSA fulfils its purpose and pursues its vision in an exemplary manner and in accordance with its beliefs and the highest standards of ethical conduct, the Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct. This Code is applicable to all members, directors, officers and employees as well as individuals employed by BLOODSA who provide services to the Foundation on a routine and compensated basis.

Click here for our code of conduct.

BLOODSA Services

Our services are available to participating Consortium Partners in both public and private sectors.


BLOODSA in collaboration with the consortium partners, identify, establish, coordinate and facilitate cross functional Working Parties in Haematology to identify and support national project and programme initiatives (i.e. Hereditary Bleeding Disorders Registry, Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, Multiple Myeloma, Lymphoma, etc.).


BLOODSA implement Grant Management and Administration on the behalf of the consortium partners:
✓ Building relationships with funders
✓ Ensuring compliance with the conditions of award
✓ Keeping funding institutions informed of the status of funding initiatives
✓ Ensuring increased ROI for both funders and Grant recipients.


Through a collaborative approach BLOODSA will turn intangible ideas into reality by: ✓ Setting measurable objectives, identifying deliverables and planning tasks ✓ Facilitate communication and provide a central source of information for project personnel and stakeholders ✓ Help the project sponsor and other key stakeholders know what is required ✓ Identify who will perform certain tasks, and when and how those tasks will happen ✓ Facilitate project management and control as the project progresses


To help ensuring the success of the overall business system, BLOODSA will assist Consortium Partners integrating new systems into their existing organisational workflow structures. The BLOODSA implementation support team work closely with participating consortium partners ensuring project outcomes meet the established success criteria, while maximising the investment, resources, and training.


BLOODSA provides ongoing business support, in person or over the phone, to participating consortium partners on related initiatives through – ✓ Direct Support (i.e. registries and Quality Management) – participating consortium partners can speak directly with a subject matter expert as soon as they call. Rather than dealing with a call centre, BLOODSA provides experts at your fingertips ✓ Regular Site Visits – during visits, BLOODSA subject matter experts can observe problems in person and make prompt recommendations on how to improve related processes and systems ✓ Quick Response – BLOODSA guarantees fast response time for problems


BLOODSA will ensure that related operational processes (Q-Pulse and REDCAP) run smoothly and enables users to conduct their business. Application support offers technical support and human support: ✓ Technical Support relates to the maintenance of the business application, software and other related technological systems – these will be sourced from and coordinated with UCT, the preferred hosting partner of BLOODSA ✓ Human Support relates to helping the end-user understanding how to use the application or system and help solve any issues – this is provided by the BLOODSA team of subject matter experts and support teams


Through the vendor management program, BLOODSA on the behalf of the consortium partners, will facilitate and maintain relationships with strategic vendors, negotiating contracts, creating standards for the vendors, and finding the best available vendors that can contribute to the achievement of the consortium strategic goals and objectives. ✓ Optimized vendor performance and leverage ✓ Reduction of run-rate expenses and budgeted capital expenditures ✓ Improved quality (services, operations, product, supply chain, etc.) ✓ Measured risk reduction and compliance ✓ Improved process efficiency and cycle time ✓ Ensure vendor governance, compliance and alignment.


Procurement Management overseeing all the processes involved in acquiring the products, materials, goods and services needed for efficient business operations. BLOODSA will ensure that goods and services are procured in a manner that will realise best value for money, minimise risk and safeguard the consortium’s interests. Through the centralized management of the supply of goods and services, BLOODSA and its consortium partners can cut excess costs and deliver products to the consortium faster.


BLOODSA offers Haem Deep Dive and develop certified courses (CPD) in related haematological disorders online. Attendees earn continuous professional development (CPD) points for the continuation of their professional membership.
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