Consortium to Develop, Maintain and Promote Best Practices in Haematology Patient Care in Sub-Saharan Africa

Description of project

This project is aimed to position the BLOODSA Foundation NPC, as the preferred implementation and management partner of the haematology fraternity, to bring clarity and consistency to national deployment initiatives (Project Management activities), by defining and pursuing clearer objectives, make planning operations more realistic, optimise the allocation of resources, improve the quality of deliverables, and most of all ensure the strategic alignment of projects post implementation (ensure longevity and sustainability of the strategic intent) to secure a healthier population in South Africa and beyond.

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Our collaborators in this project

Goals and Objectives

  • Establish the BLOODSA Foundation NPC Consortium to Develop, Maintain and Promote Best Practicies in Haematology Patient Care, in collaboration with Consortium Partners, across Africa.
  • Develop, implement and support a national multiple myeloma registry
  • Develop, implement and support a national stem cell transplant registry
  • Develop, share and promote standardised treatment protocols
  • Implement and support a national quality management framework for Clinical Haematology
  • Develop a national education platform for Clinical Haematology
  • Develop online training programmes reaching all levels of health care
  • Outreach and teaching on early diagnostic and treatment pathways

Project duration

December 2021 – November 2023

Project highlights

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