Raising Awareness for Bone Marrow Registries

Raising awareness for Bone Marrow Registries at the London Marathon!

Our very own Justin du Toit, a clinical haematologist based in Johannesburg, South Africa, took part in the London Marathon this weekend.


His goal is to raise awareness about the crucial role of bone marrow registries and their incredible efforts to find donors for patients with blood disorders. Justin raised funds for Anthony Nolan, an international registry that facilitates donor matching in the UK and worldwide through the World Marrow Donor Association.


Redi Thlabi, an award-winning news anchor, broadcaster, author, and moderator, joined Justin in completing the event. Ms Thlabi has personal experience with leukaemia through a family member’s diagnosis, and knows the transformative impact that a stem cell transplant can have when it is needed. This life-changing difference is only made possible through the complex process of connecting patients with the right donors. She participated in the marathon to raise awareness about donation, both locally and globally, as well as to show support for those who have lost a loved one to leukaemia.


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